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Mastering software and technology to best serve humanity. Blockchain. Ethereum. Big Data. Machine Learning. The world of software and finance is evolving faster than ever before. Pushing forward requires masterful innovation and tailored solutions.

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Technology requires innovation; at Solved, innovation is all we understand.

By refusing to push its boundaries technology ceases to evolve. Only through evolution can major digital disruption be created. Only through the latest solutions can your business gain the vital edge in your industry to keep you in the lead.

Solved focuses on solutions that not only solve problems but open new doors. We value solutions over skills, quality over flash, and technological insight over the common quick fix. At Solved, we strive for originality in design and software.


There is nothing more important than delivering work on time. We understand the necessity of urgency—deadlines and promised times and dates are not something we take lightly. We know the consequences of a delayed project: frustrated clients, employees needlessly billed for hours with no work, and a general dissatisfaction with everyone onboard.

Solved prioritises quality delivery over everything else. Overpromising and under-delivering is the last thing we do. From the very start, we assess the project properly and professionally, gauging exactly how much time we believe it requires, and finishing it on time.

We solve your tech and software issues the right way.

As a team, we have a depth and breadth of knowledge across every IT language and framework, so we always know the best solution to choose – not try and make one fit for you.


Solved is led by professional London-based IT consultant, Omer Arshad. As a senior digital architect who has spent a lifetime learning every IT language, Omer has the ability to solve any software problem with the best solution possible. Omer began Solved to bridge the gap between technological expertise and business acumen. After years of experience, Omer realised that the keys to any successful project and professional relationship are honesty and transparency.

With every project, we ensure that:

All clients understand the confusing tech jargon and language involved in the project

All clients are aware of every possible option, and why the chosen option is the best moving forward

All clients are kept in the loop with the project and its developments throughout the entire process

With these self-guided codes, Omer seeks to provide corporate leaders in the banking and financial industries with the trusted and reliable service worth their investment.

We all deserve the luxury of the highest-class IT services. Solved is here to provide.


Our work has influenced millions across the world through various applications. Solved aims to develop bespoke software solutions solutions that:

–       …have the potential to influence millions

–       …have never been seen before, in design or software

–       …attract and inspire both users and creators

–       …create the gap between itself and its top competitors

–       …have room to grow for future insight and understanding

We offer these and more. We believe in enabling businesses with next-gen technology and leading agency-level software development solutions that have been invented just for them, not merely engineered and tweaked to merely ‘do the job’. Get a taste of the innovation that even the big dogs want a piece of.

Trust, Integrity, and Quality

Integrity is doing what you say you’ll do, at the time you say you’ll do it, in the way it is meant to be done. This is something we are extremely strict about and believe it is one of the core reasons of ensuring trust remains optimum between client and consultant.
Solved makes it an effort to keep the line of communication accessible and open at all times. We know the frustration and stress caused by an unresponsive team, and we seek to minimize any possible doubt our clients may have regarding the completion and success of the project.
Contact is kept open at all times, proving to our clients that we can always always always be trusted to keep our word.

Passion, Growth, and Evolving Expertise

We believe if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Whether as a business or as an individual, intensive and constant learning and development is absolutely crucial to achieving ongoing excellent results and success.
Technology is growing at an unprecedented rate, and only those who are passionate about it can keep up. At Solved, we are constantly working towards updating our knowledge and skill sets, making sure that we stay ahead of the curve. We do this because we want to be the best solution-providers in the industry, and because we have an unfaltering passion for technology and software.
Not only does this ensure that we will never be faced with a barrier that we cannot overcome, but it also means that we are always equipped to give our clients the most advanced solution possible, even if it means making something that has never before been done.

Dedication, Client Commitment, and Speed

We believe in dedication, not dictation – so we will always do what’s best for you – not us.
Every project is treated as if it is our only project. Every priority is priority number one. There is an unparalleled dedication given to each job that we do. Only with absolute focus from start to finish can we provide the best solution possible. And this is what we aim to do with every client.
We have a clear process that we take each client through, from initial consultation and analysis, through to prototype design to testing, final deployment and ongoing support so you can be confident in our confidence to deliver on time, and on budget.
When you work with Solved, you work with a team that is committed towards giving you the solution that you want and need, when you need it. We are ready to push any new solution out there promptly, to help each client be the first to launch with the latest solution that we develop.

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