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We are fortunate enough to have managed clients at every level, from SME’s wanting small e-commerce stores, to developing mobile apps or SaaS products for start-ups or larger scale businesses, to even larger corporate clients turning over 9, 10 and 11 figures a year, and everything in between. We have a special interest and expertise in the Banking and FinTech sector in particular. Here are just a few of our projects:

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InnovEd Learning Solutions – Education Management System Build

InnovEd Learning develop and deliver sports education software and general education management software to hundreds of high profile clients, including universities, independent learning providers, sports national governing bodies such as the Premier League, and many ...

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Western Union Business Solutions – Student Pay Service

Perhaps one of the most reliable and quickest ways to spend money anywhere in the world. Western Union allows millions of consumers and businesses every day to send and receive money with minimal fees.

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MasterCard – Build, Architecture, Testing and Launch of Seller Portal

One of the top global payments and technology companies in the world, MasterCard connects billions of people worldwide with its payment systems. Consumers, financial institutions, merchants, and governments work with MasterCard on a daily basis.

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HSBC – Fraud Detection System

HSBC is one of the largest banks in the world, with total assets of over two trillion dollars. HSBC branches around the world serve millions daily.

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Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure – Solutions Design

The Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure are a governmental department of the province of British Columbia, in Canada. In addition to the safety of the transport system across British Columbia, the Ministry is also responsible ...

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RBS – Mobile Application Code Reviews

RBS has over 30 million customers from all around the world, including Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe. With over 70,000 employees and 700 branches, RBS is one of the largest retail banking ...

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