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7 Things You Need To Think About When Hiring IT Contractors For Your Next Project

Having spoken to a wide variety of product owners, IT project managers and solution architects, I can safely say the biggest issue that every development project can be boiled down to one word: STAFF!

It’s an age old problem – and is absolutely critical to you delivering the project on time and most importantly, on budget. The amount of painful stories I’ve heard about how a poor hire or two had set the IT project back months or cost a not inconsiderable sum are far too common.

So, how do you find the best IT contractors and ensure you save yourself this problem, every single time?

You surely wouldn’t want to hire a contractor who constantly makes excuses, who does not get the job done, who is gone one day and back the next, and who is thoroughly inconsistent, would you? Indeed, nobody wants that. Which is why we have listed a surefire way to get you to what you need.

If your project needs an IT Contractor but you have no idea how to get started, because A.) you’re really busy elsewhere with the other areas of your business, or that B.) you do not know exactly what you should be looking for when it comes to hiring one – then you’ve come to the right place.

We will walk you through a series of things you can consider when hiring IT Contractors for your business.

Know Your Needs

I cannot stress any better how this first step is of utmost importance. Before carrying out a series of things, you should first know what it is that you need exactly for your business, and what services you needed for an IT Contractor to provide before you go out looking for them. List your needs and give it a quick search online. Surely, it will give you a tantamount of information as to what and who you should be digging for, to work on your next project.

Ask People In Your Industry

IT Contractors who have already gained experience in your area of business / expertise could always be useful. Look for them. People in the same industry as yours might have already needed the same services you need from an IT Contractor as you do now. Do not hesitate – ask. They may already have somebody whom they can refer you to, and you can have a background of what the IT Contractor has really done for their business as well as the results. This is hitting too many birds with one stone. Take advantage of it.

Create Clear Job Ads

This part can really be tricky if not done well. Your job advertisement can either attract the wrong people, or individuals without enough expertise. This is why you should state exactly what you need from IT Contractors in the job ads so as talents and applicants alike won’t get the wrong idea. Consider the years of expertise and experience you require for the job, as well as what services you’d like them to carry out once hired. Maximize the use of the sites you will post your job advertisements to by making clear and specific job description that will serve as your guide for the hiring process.

Prepare Questions

Knowing the skills and experience the candidates have won’t be enough for you to choose who to hire. You should prepare a list of questions you can ask the candidates to determine whether or not they are the right IT Contractors you need for the job.

Check Their Background

There are several ways you can do this. You can ask for links of past projects they have done, or a portfolio in case they have one. You can also ask for their references and speak to them about the outcome of the project they worked on and whether they really carried out the IT job well as how they claim it to be. A solid work background will help your business. Verify by all means that what they provide are accurate.

Spell The Services

Avoid potential miscommunication in the future by clearly spelling out what exact services you would like your IT Contractor to provide once you have gotten down the road of deciding who to hire. Have this in writing where both parties will have to sign as an agreement. This will help you also have control in case the IT Contractor does not deliver the services as promised.


Communication is always key. In any business or relationship, consistent and proper communication will help you get the IT Contractor to do the job to your needs and satisfaction. While it is not necessary to always have to ask or follow your IT Contractor around with what he does or currently doing, you can always set a meeting for once a week for example, just to get an idea of how the progress is, and whether the project is being worked on according to what you expect it to become.

Here are just some of what we feel may help you with moving forward with your business without wasting any time or money – whether yours or the IT contractor’s that you intend to hire.

The major takeaways here is to make it a point that you are properly equipped to begin with, before hopping on to having someone help build your business goals. It won’t hurt to always be ready.

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