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5 Top Programming Languages Of 2018

No programming language is here to stay, and you cannot possibly learn all the programming languages that exist. So we have compiled the top 5 which are looking to be most valuable to learn.

Learning any one of these may increase your chances on future job opportunities and provide you with some information as to which programming languages are going to be sought after in the near future.

We have based these selections on the following categories:

  • Career Options
  • Job Availability
  • In Demand
  • High Salary

In no particular order, here is the list.


iOS apps have been all time proven to be more profitable compared to the Android apps. That is what learning Swift provides – stability. Swift may be a newly released programming language in 2014 but it has made rounds of being #1 since 2015 and has never been removed in the top list. A lot of programmers say they enjoy this programming language, and more than that, it is released by Apple.


Companies like Google and NASA use this programming language. Python has been around for many years but it looks like it is here to stay. If you are beginning to learn programming languages, this one is a good option to choose as it is easy to comprehend, neat, and easy to read in terms of coding.If you become an expert in Python, there will be a variety of career choices for you. 


This is probably one of the oldest, and most popular programming languages out there. And although its popularity may decrease in the next years, once written in Java will always be run through Java. So it is here to stay for the next decade or even beyond. Moreover, it is being used by 90% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world. So learning this will be a real advantage. You can invest your time learning this one, but you know that you will reap it all in the end.


Paypal. Adobe. Microsoft. Ring any bells? These are giant companies using C++. So if they are, why shouldn’t you? C++ is very well-known for its reliability, however, it can be really complex and confusing. But the major takeaway of learning this language is that once you get to learn it, other programming languages are just going to be a piece of cake. There will also be a lot of variety when it comes to jobs that use C++ and you will have the liberty to choose from those variety.


Not to be confused with Java, but Javascript is the dominant and high caliber programming language compared to others. There is a plethora of web-enabled devices if you look around, and that is just one of the reasons why there will be no shortage of career opportunities with Javascript for the next decade and beyond. Whether you choose Game Development or Desktop App Development, you can do both through Javascript.

We hope this list helps you decide which programming language you will initially learn as a beginner, or which programming language you would want to learn next if you already know some. Let us know if we missed any! 

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